About Us


Lezza Foods and Camelia is globally offering the highest quality products to professional food establishment all over the world professionally. Lezza Foods introduces an exceptional new concept to bring you the best delicacies and qualities of Anatolia and Mediterranean. We are offering a cornucopia of Mediterranean’s authentic and quality foods under our brand. Launched with the slogan of “Discover Mediterranean Kitchen”, our products are unique examples of the Mediterranean kitchen.An old saying advises one to “Eat sweetly and speak sweetly”. Sweets and desserts have always been an important and distinctive element of Mediterranean cuisine. That was true in ancient times and is just as true today.


To make sure they are loved and enjoyed all over the world, we manufacture our delicacies with an all-encompassing care for quality and food safety. From ingredients to packaging and shipping, we’ve installed a 100% reliable and consistent quality monitoring process to ensure that every Lezza products has impeccable taste, freshness and appeal.


Lezza Foods’ high quality products are delivered to 22 countries around the world. We are the authorized wholesaler of Lezza Foods, Camelia and Unaray. We supply all the products you will need in your business with our expert staff in the shortest time possible and deliver them to you quickly under appropriate conditions.


We are a wholesale distributor company established in London. We have been providing the high quality Lezza Foods and Camelia products to your businesses successfully in the UK since 2019.

We offer wholesale delivery in our refrigerated vans all around England and Wales. Delivery times vary depending on the location and size of the orders. Furthermore, we provide retail sales in London and surrounding cities. Please contact us for more information.

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