Pista Leaves – Katmer (2 packs)

Pistachio and skin of milk wrapped in a very thin layer of dough. Pista Leaves is a ready katmer which is a traditional dessert from Turkish cuisine.

Produced specially in its hometown Gaziantep/Turkey.


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PACK WEIGHT: 300 gr / 2 individual packs

BOX: 20 packs (40 individual packs)

SHELF LIFE: 2 days after cooking

STORAGE: At -18°C until expiry date


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Pista Leaves

Ingredients:Wheat flour (%28), sugar (%15), pastorized milk (%9), pistachio (%11), butter(%5), semolina (% 32).

Instructions: No need to defreeze. Cook on a non-stick pan until both sides (flip) are golden brown.

Storage conditions: Store at -18°C before expiration date.

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